Examining the Spread of Online Marketing

Posted by admin in Uncategorized on 01 18th, 2013

Online marketing gives a boost to companies that have struggled for a share of the market for decades.

Business owners today need to know about e-mail marketing, PPC (price per click), SEO (search engine optimization) and SMO (social media optimization). Each of these is important, and how they play into one another can hike exponentially your online marketing campaign.

When done effectively, these means create a brand awareness that could carry a business to new heights – especially if the campaign or portions of it go viral, especially with clear mobile broadband.

This viral phenomenon can take a number of forms:

Advergames, Brandable software, e-Books, E-mail, Images, Interactive Flash games ,Text messages, Video clips, Web pages, etc.

E-marketing, as it is sometimes called, can be delivered in a number of ways:

  • Advertising networks
  • Banner advertising (also dynamic banner ads)
  • Blogs
  • Cross-platform ads
  • E-mail marketing (including e-mail spam)
  • Interstitial advertising
  • Online classified advertising
  • Rich-media advertising
  • Search-engine result pages
  • Social-network advertising
  • In the coming weeks, we will examine some of these facets of online marketing.